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Be a Legend Inc. is a digital marketing agency that utilizes business strategy. In other words, we don’t just sell you a digital marketing service randomly or even sell you what you tell us you think you need. We take a step back and talk to you in-depth about your business goals, what’s worked for you up to now, what hasn’t worked for your business, where you were this time last year, what your short-term goals and long term goals are, and really get to understand you and your business.  Furthermore, we look at a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (also referred to as S.W.O.T analysis) to thoroughly assess how we can improve areas that could generate you leads, ultimately leading to sales and increasing your revenue.

By understanding an overview of your business, your company culture, and the fundamental principles of your business, we can ensure your budget is being spent effectively while catering to your needs now and in the future, while setting your company up for short term growth strategy and/or long term growth strategy.

Being family-owned, the source of our passion is simple. To help you sustain and grow the business to the level you desire. “Be a Legend” view themselves as your partner, not as a third party hired to help with one or two marketing campaigns. We choose to only work with one company in your industry within a certain radius to ensure a conflict of interest does not occur with your competition. Aside from being a digital business, helping companies grow their online presence, Be a Legend Inc. is based in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, having fantastic access to a major airport to meet with our clients in person if preferred to help businesses grow nationwide within the United States as well as internationally.  We are passionate about helping you and your business grow. Having full focus on your business regularly ensures a smooth and successful marketing campaign to set you apart from your competition and help you become the market leaders in your industry. We actively research the market to provide you with the most up-to-date and competitive advantages that will ensure success for your business and expanding the company to the next level, ultimately boosting your bottom line and increasing revenue faster. 

The core competencies of Be a Legend, Inc, are to help build and grow your business to the next level by enhancing your existing path and getting you on a healthy track to become the market leader in your industry, being remembered by individuals and businesses as the one they can trust in your industry and go-to company when they need your services. By utilizing Lara Jones’s experience (Be a Legend’s President) in business strategy along with her invaluable brand awareness skills, creativity for video and content creation, sales, and marketing skills, as well as psychology expertise, and utilizing Eric Jones’s many years of experience (Be a Legend’s Vice President) in digital marketing with driving online traffic through SEO, SEM, social media advertising campaigns and retargeting campaigns, together they create the fundamental entrepreneurship and foresight in digital marketing and business strategy which is needed in an ever-changing, fast-paced digital age, creating a dynamic duo and being the hunters in their field.

Meet: Lara Jones

Meet: Lara Jones



Lara Jones, Founder, CEO and President of Be a Legend Inc., has an exceptional business background, with over 14 years of corporate new business sales experience. She is an advanced business strategist earning her title of “the legend” given to her by the owner of a $80M turnover business. During this time, she facilitated and helped grow the company from $5M to $50M over the duration of seven years, creating and managing the new business key account department, selling to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Never afraid to challenge, Lara has an impeccable understanding of business strategy and what it takes to get companies to the next level and ensure a R.O.I is achieved, ultimately increasing revenue faster. Her resilience, determination, ambitious mindset, energetic character, and warrior attitude sets her apart from the competition through applying her passion in helping individuals and organizations to become the best version of themselves. Lara helps unlock the tools in others that already exist at a certain level, implementing strategies, motivation, and the belief they need to push themselves to the next level. 

Earning her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology and Counseling, Lara applies her educated knowledge and innate ability to be in tune with others’ needs, being extremely perceptive to human behavior. Understanding the psychology of high achievers, she has studied the mind, body language, tone of speech, and language in depth, thus is able to assess and identify the ‘winner quality’ within her clients. Using techniques and strategies to bring these to the surface, Lara is able to change mindset, ultimately creating a ‘power to endure’ and a ‘never give up’ attitude, elevating the success of everyone around her!





Eric Jones, Owner, CTO and Vice President of Be a Legend Inc., has an in-depth and extremely knowledgeable technical background with over 8 years of digital marketing expertise. Since serving in the Marine Corp, Eric has excelled in business from real estate investing, underwriting mortgages, affiliate marketing and providing search engine optimization (SEO) services to multiple businesses across the U.S. Eric has since grown multiple companies online leveraging his expertise in local and national search optimization. 

Bringing years of experience within the technology and digital marketing field, Eric has impeccable knowledge and up-to-date strategies with driving online traffic to ensure maximum return for Be a Legend clients. Eric has helped many businesses across the United States excel in their marketplace by performing online optimization as well as increasing brand awareness as a result.

Eric enjoys all things technical and has a vested interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Never one to say “that’s impossible”, Eric will always find a way to make things happen by seeing the bigger picture and coming up with a solution to a problem. Responsible for our software development, running the technical aspects of campaigns in the background for our clients and overseeing our technical team, Eric is fundamental in developing the technical aspect of the business and staying ahead in the marketplace by bringing all of the latest tools and ideas to help grow businesses in the digital age.


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