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Here at Be a Legend Inc in Phoenix Arizona, we stand out for our expert knowledge as we continue to constantly learn the new changes happening within the digital age. As a result of our innovation and education of marketing strategy as well as our bespoke marketing campaigns, we are now recognized as a top local agency for digital marketing in Phoenix Arizona, being accredited by UpCity. 

Brand awareness strategy is fundamental to ensure that your customers and clients are familiar with the unique qualities of your products and services

There are several steps your business can take to ensure that brand awareness is achieved while also being consistent across all your platforms. To build and grow your business, it is essential that your brand awareness strategy ties in with the message your company stands behind and what your company provides for others.  Brand awareness marketing means that your customer or client will instantly recognize your brand image.  

Importance of brand awareness is paramount to your long-term success of your company wants to grow and increase revenue.


Read below to browse the various brand awareness options Be a Legend INC offer to our clients to increase and produce a brand awareness strategy.



Website design and website development is a key fundamental step to ensuring that your potential clients and potential customers can research who you are and what you do.  It could be the deciding factor between buying from your company and using your services to buy from your competitor. Do you have enough engaging content on your website for your potential customers to want to know more about who you are and take action to contact you? How effective is your website? Do you have on-page SEO, which will help build your rankings organically in the search engines and attract potential buyers, potential clients and potential customers? Are your images indexed? Is your website user friendly and easy to navigate through the pages? What about links directing your potential customer or client to other areas of your website?

Think of your website as a shop front.  It acts as the “glass window” to your business. People will see something that catches their eye and look through the window.  If they find what they are looking at interesting or enticing, they will walk through the door, step inside, and look around for more. If they find something that clicks with them or an item that they are in the market for, they will walk to the counter and purchase the product. In other words, your potential customer or potential client will click around the other pages of your website and if they really like what they see, they will pick up the phone and call your business or fill out the contact form and email your company directly. Is your website working for you? Is your website generating the leads you desire? No? Then contact Be a Legend, Inc.

If you are getting little to no leads from your website, it could be time for an update, refresh and overhaul.

Contact us to learn more about website design and website development and see how we can help you to get your website working effectively for you.

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Email marketing is a powerful tool in today’s digital age with communicating your message directly with your customers and clients. Here at Be a Legend Inc, we take a slightly different approach and when composing emails for your clients and customers, we make it fun, interesting, educational and personal.  Content that is relatable to everybody that reads it.  Everyone around the world celebrates something in that given month.  Looking for the common factor (e.g. valentine’s day in February, Father’s Day in June, July 4th in July in the U.S etc).  The point is, the more engaging the content and helpful to the client and/or customer, the more they are likely to share this on social media and most importantly remember you when they are in the market to use your services or buy products in your industry. For example, if you are thinking of marketing and digital marketing strategies, our clients will immediately think of Be a Legend due to our continuous nurturing of our clients, not just through consistent client management with meetings and phone calls but through email.  Sharing ideas and educational content with our clients is a huge must to make sure one is building trust throughout the relationship and be more likely to recommend the services to another. 

Email marketing can help with referrals and having your audience share your content online, meaning that you are engaging in brand awareness with your potential customers and potential clients. And of course keeping your brand alive in the minds of your existing customers and clients to ensure a loyal client base and loyal customer base.

Contact Be a Legend Inc to learn more about the cost-effective email marketing campaigns we design for our clients regardless of the industry you are in.

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Content designers are responsible for the organization and layout of your web content.  Here at Be a Legend, our content designers are enthusiastic about language and we focus on the end-user needs and how this should be read on the web for your company.  We scan the content online, looking for keywords.  For example, using clear, front-loaded headings that break up the content into manageable chunks, allows your potential customer or client to easily navigate it, meaning a higher chance of generating leads and thus sales. 

Furthermore, attracting the attention of your audience, supporting the ease of scanning content, separating the content to make it easier to read, and emphasizing the points you are trying to make are three fundamental key elements to content design.

Ever struggled with writing content? Don’t have the time for it? Need engaging content to be shared and your brand remembered? Need blog posts or articles written for a press release or just to keep your website updated as well as help improve your organic search in the search engines? Then don’t worry. You are in safe hands. Be a Legend Inc enjoy writing content for our customers and clients and are passionate about educating and helping others understand who you are, what your company stands for, and most of all, what value you bring to your clients and customers.

Contact Be a Legend Inc for content design and leave the experts to design, write, and publish content on your behalf, allowing you time to focus on other areas of your business.

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Social media management is more than just posting a picture or writing one or two sentences promoting your services or product offering.  What is the point of posting online if your content is not engaging meaning that it is not receiving likes, shares, and comments?  It is crucial in the digital age that your business’s social media is on point and consistent as well as having engagement with your audience.

Be a Legend Inc can build a killer social strategy by firstly discovering which posts get the most engagement, spending time listening to your audience, and researching the market including your competitors. Being strategic with your social media ensures a higher engagement rate with your target market and helps encourage shares, likes, and comments.  Being educational in your posts is another way of helping the engagement of your social media posts rather than trying to sell sell sell, change your mindset to educate educate educate. People don’t like to be sold to, they like to learn and if your customers or clients feel that they are getting value from your social media post, they are far more likely to share it on their newsfeed and put their name on the line to back a company that they believe has value to others. Whether you need help with one platform or multiple platforms online including Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, Twitter, Google+. Houzz or the many more platforms that are on today’s market, Be a Legend Inc can help you manage your social media.

Contact Be a Legend Inc to learn how to build a killer social media strategy and have us manage all of your social media platforms to allow you time to be focusing on Your company and the areas you are killer at.

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Do you need a logo refresh? Perhaps you don’t have a logo at all or maybe one that is outdated and does not fit with the message of who your company is.  Be a Legend design logos that are inspiring, engaging, memorable and most of all, logos that have the wow factor. They provide a message in the design that resonates strongly with who you are and we take the time to get to know who you are and what your business stands for and what your business is about. By doing this, we can design a logo that reflects your business in the most desirable way, making it easy for customers and clients to recall your logo in seconds of hearing your business name. This is brand awareness and it is important that you have strong brand awareness online in the digital age with so many competitors hunting the same customers and clients as you.

Contact Be a Legend Inc for logo design or a log refresh or logo update and have your business stand out among your competitors.

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