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The best business strategy Phoenix has to offer due to our experience, findings, recoMmendations and results for our clients.

Hunt or be hunted…are you wondering why we use this slogan in our logo and why we use a lioness as the symbol for our business?  

The reason for the lioness is straightforward. Lions and lionesses are family animals and extremely social in their own communities. Lionesses hunt, while lions protect. Lions and lionesses are known to live in prides as small as 3 or as big as 40. They protect and defend their territory, raise cubs and hunt prey.

The relevance of this is that one of the ways Be a Legend, Inc, distinguishes themselves from our competitors that offer digital marketing solutions or brand awareness options is that we only work with one company in each industry within a certain radius. We like to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals and companies. At Be a Legend, Inc, we pride ourselves on the fact that we love working with small to medium size business, helping companies grow and achieve their company goals and targets strategically, which means analyzing where your money is best invested in relation to marketing and increasing your revenue. Be a Legend, Inc sees our clients as part of the Be a Legend family and the Be a Legend network.

When you come on board with Be a Legend, Inc, we take care of you and your company goals, offering more than just a service. We see you as part of our pride, hunting for new ideas and enhancing the existing ones, developing and growing your business, defending your territory and helping you become the market leader in your industry.

Business strategy means you are competing to be unique and to have a market share of your industry.  Remember, business is not about having the largest market share or about growing fast. It’s about making money.

Competing in business is complex. Within a single industry, you can have several companies beating the industry average, each with a distinctive, different strategy.  You need to be clear of WHO you are going to serve and HOW you are going to serve those clients and customers.

A good business strategy requires you to keep moving which means it is important to keep up to date with the latest online digital marketing tools and technology that will keep you ahead in the digital age, competing alongside and ahead of your competitors.

Business strategy is concerned with visualizing and then carrying out courses of action intended to accomplish specific objectives and goals.



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Want to learn how to hunt your competitors down and become the market leader in your industry instead of being hunted by your competitors? Want to learn the most effective form of business strategy to ensure you move past your competition and stay ahead of your competition? 

If you want to be like a lion, you have to train with the lions. Call Be a Legend Inc today to find out how to unleash your inner potential and drive success with your business to the leveL you desire, using EFFECTIVE business strategy AND HAVING BE A LEGEND CARRY OUT OUR MARKET RESEARCH PLAN.

what's included in your Business Strategy, MARKET RESEARCH PLAN


Using the latest software, here at Be a Legend Inc, we carry out a competitive analysis by conducting an organic search report, understanding which keywords your competitors are ranking for and how much online traffic this brings them.  Furthermore, we can see how many backlinks have been built to their website or URL. We have data for approximately 240 million keywords in the United States as well as access to over 100 more countries, so you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible coverage with Be a Legend, Inc.  Paid keywords (pay per click), organic traffic, organic keywords, referring domains, backlinks, competing domains, competing pages, content gaps, linked domains are just a few of the many areas we uncover when carrying out a competitive analysis for your business. This will help you understand the areas in which you are strong, weak, where your opportunities lie to dominate the market place and where your threats may be in order to design a strategic plan to ensure you avoid any unnecessary setbacks or damage to your long-term business along the way.

Understanding just three powerful SEO tools including organic traffic research, backlink checker, and paid traffic research means that you can see what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which pages bring the most traffic from search results. Furthermore, your business can see which websites are linking to your competitors and gauge the quality of their backlink profile and you can learn whether your competitors are carrying out paid search advertising and where they funnel their paid traffic. Highly effective information to get ahead of your competition and stay ahead of your competition to become the market leader in your marketplace.

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website audit

Before starting a marketing campaign, it is imperative that a website audit is carried out.  Within a website audit, we test the responsiveness of your site, look for the “scroll up” feature, check for various pixels installed on your website (including a Facebook pixel), check for Google analytics or Google tag manager tags, run a page speed checker, perform on-page SEO (search engine optimization) analysis, check rankings for keywords in meta-tags (what search engines use to find your web pages), brand monitoring, overall website health, use a keyword planner to identify target key words to help drive more traffic to your website, compare competitor metrics, measure first page of Google competition, check the base digital marketing score, look at social engagement and social shares and check local directories and citations that your website is linked to for inaccuracies, which can affect your rankings substantially.

By carrying out an overview of the entire website, a website audit allows the business to assess what is possible to address in the time available. A few elements might be addressed quickly, literally within hours, while other elements might take days, weeks, or months to address. A good website audit will identify the parts of a website that should be addressed and prioritize such actions to help a business make better decisions about where to spend their budget and time.


Contact us to carry out a website audit and make sure your webSIte is capturing your audience, generating leads, ultimately increasing revenue.

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Brand messaging refers to the core value proposition communicated to your audience and language used in your content. It’s what makes customers and clients relate to your brand by inspiring them, persuading them, motivating them, and ultimately making them want to buy your services and/or products. As an example, what comes to mind when you think of Nike? Or Walmart? Or KitKat? Or McDonalds? Or Be a Legend? You think of their slogans.. “Just do it”, “Save money Live better”, “Have a break, have a KitKat”, “I’m lovin’ it”, “Hunt or Be Hunted”.

Taglines are catchy but there’s more to brand messaging than just coming up with a memorable catchy tagline. Product positioning, key benefits, defining brand identity, value proposition, audience, tone, mission, values, purpose, voice, look & feel are just a few items that need to be taken into consideration.  These become the lens through which you evaluate all decisions at every level of the business. Together, these elements combine to create a full messaging framework that can guide your marketing across every piece of content and every channel. Everything you create, both internally and externally, should be able to map back to this messaging.

By analyzing your brand messaging and seeing how consistent this is across all of your online channels is an important part of the process to see if this is an area that needs improving before any online traffic campaigns can be run to your sites. Consistency is key in brand messaging. Ensuring your audience will be able to recognize your brand when they are in the market to buy your service and/or product is one of the most fundamental pieces of the puzzle when it comes to advertising online.  


Contact us to have your brand messaging evaluated across all of your online platforms and how to improve your messaging to boost sales and increase your revenue.

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Running a reputation report is crucial to understanding what others are saying about your business. The world sees what the search engines say about you.  By taking control and running a reputation report across all of your social platforms online, means you can improve your digital presence and online reputation. Learning how to improve your reviews and attract more clients and customers is imperative to online reputation remaining high as well as building trust with your clients, customers and potential new clients and customers that want to know more about your business. After all, people buy from people and your online reviews act as “public referrals” with a client or customer choosing whether to buy from your business or be turned off by the negative feedback that may be harming your reputation.

The reputation report shows your overall reputation score online as well as individual reputation scores on each social platform, the distribution of reviews, and which platforms are more popular for your customers and clients to leave reviews. Learn what people are saying about your business and where to increase your online presence. If you don’t have any reviews or very little data, this is an ideal opportunity to begin developing your business reputation and building your online reviews with Be a Legend, Inc.

Through building and managing online reputation, your business can leverage the 4 and 5 star reviews to automatically generate SEO friendly content for your website and social media profiles, meaning you will be found more easily in the search engines with certain keywords.

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Carrying out an online traffic report means that you will learn the areas of your business that are generating leads and areas in which your company could be doing better to drive more traffic to boost sales. The online traffic report will give you an insight into areas of your business that need attention to grow your presence online, while allowing you to monitor your competition to identify the trends to help drive more traffic to your website.

Keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring are a few of the items that we cover when carrying out an online traffic report for your company. The online traffic report also details the keywords your competitors rank for, but you don’t and what keywords to target to help drive your organic traffic and increase the ranking of your website on the search engines. The report will also discover how much or how little traffic has been driven to your website from paid advertising.

Contact us to carry out an online traffic report and understand the areas that can be improved to generate leads, boost sales and ultimately increase your revenue.


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Digital marketing campaigns can result in some of the highest conversions of any marketing activities. Traditional marketing is no longer enough to stay competitive. Being in the digital age, the trends and technological innovations are developing at a rapid pace, which means you need to plan a marketing campaign carefully before building a marketing budget for the here and now. We work with our clients and customers to start with a bespoke campaign, matching their budget to increase awareness, trust, and leads to boost sales and increase revenue.

You may not be able to take advantage of all of the options straight away, but a thorough review of the technologies and a realistic analysis of your target market through utilizing our market research plan will direct you toward the innovative new approaches that make sense for your business goals and budget intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also playing a key role in the development of marketing automation. Contact us to learn more about AI with marketing.


Contact us to learn more about budget intelligence and how we can utilize a market research plan to put you on the right path to digital marketing success.


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The importance of campaign execution and measurement of your marketing campaign is critical for a successful marketing plan taking effect and creating a R.O.I for your business.  You must be prepared for changes that may happen with the business and account for those changes within your marketing plan.  The great news about executing and measuring a digital marketing plan is that there is data to analyze every month and your business can keep track of what is working well and what is not working effectively and thus adapt the marketing plan accordingly. Being in the digital age, it is much easier to keep track of a R.O.I and data that can help analyze where the most effective area will be to spend the company’s marketing budget.

If a business does not measure each marketing campaign, the business will never be able to realize optimum campaign performance but instead be running blind and your company will see no return on your digital marketing campaign investment, slowing down your ability to demonstrate value to the rest of the business. Thankfully, with Be a Legend, you do not have to worry about any of this. We are with you every step of the way and behind your growth plans, making them come alive for you in the digital age with competition far greater than a decade.  Gathering metrics, analyzing data, attaching a score to a lead, managing and nurturing campaigns is what we can help you with from campaign execution and beyond.   

Contact us to learn more about campaign execution and how we can help ensure your digital marketing plans are effective and tactical to achieve the R.O.I you desire for your business.

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