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We provide services that get your customers spreading the good word about your business on the sites that matter. Our solution helps you tactfully ask and remind customers for feedback, guides them through the online review process, and gives you a chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review. See what your customers are saying about you. Read on to learn about our automated system to help build your reviews on the sites that matter.


Online reputation management and online reviews is at the forefront of everything you do. You may have the best product or best service in the world, but if your reputation and/or your reviews are poor or non-existent, your company will suffer as a result. We are not just talking about getting your customers and clients to rate you with five stars, it is about reputation building, reputation managing and reputation marketing in the short term and long term. 

We always start with reputation first and build your marketing strategy from this. As we already mentioned, if you have a great product or service but a poor reputation for whatever reason, nobody will buy from you and they will head straight to your competitors who have a higher star rating.

If you already have five star reviews then you are already a step ahead but don’t forget, clients and customers want to see recent reviews so reputation management and reputation marketing never stop. If you have a five star rating, but your most recent review was 6 months ago or more, consumers, clients and customers will not take your reputation as seriously as your competitors who do have five star recent reviews.  

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Who would you buy from? A company that has a 3 star rating, a company with no reviews, a company that has 5 stars with no recent reviews or a company with a 5 star rating whose most recent 5 star review was 2 weeks ago? We conclude our point. Reputation is everything and reputation is what shines your business in a positive or negative light. Stay on top of your reputation and never let it fall below a 4 star rating (and this is at the worst end – yours and our goal is to aim for that very high 4.9 to 5 star rating!)

By proactively collecting and using feedback from all of your customers through a review funnel, Be a Legend has an advanced software platform that can be integrated with your CRM notifying you of any review left publicly and capturing those negative reviews before they go public. Allowing your business to address the issue with the client or customer directly and changing an unhappy client into a happy client or customer.  

If you receive referrals or names of companies that may be interested in your services, the first thing that they will do when recommended to you is look up your business on the internet and social media. If they see you have a fantastic reputation, this confirms the referral they received about your business. If, however, they see a poor reputation or no recent reviews, this may put doubt in your potential customer or potential client’s mind of how good you really are.  Like it or not, people will judge you based on your reputation, reviews and star rating.

Building Reputation, online reputation management and online reputation marketing builds value to your company, especially if you decide to sell your business one day. Having public evidence across Google, Facebook, Yelp and many other social platforms of satisfied and happy customers and clients, speaks volumes than just presenting client testimonials on your website. Even if you currently have a low star rating of your business, Be a Legend Inc can help build your reputation, manage your reputation and then market your reputation in a cost-effective, fast and efficient way. 

Online reputation management encourages those happy customers and happy clients to leave positive feedback. How often have you asked a client to leave feedback and they have every intention to do so, but just didn’t get around to it or had something more important to do or just simply forgot? Now count how many times an unhappy customer or unhappy client has left negative feedback and made it their mission to do so? If people are satisfied or happy, they don’t generally go out of their way to leave feedback or leave a review, but if it is made easy for them, they will happily follow through and provide the 5 star positive feedback rating that you are working so hard to achieve. Read below the 3 steps to achieving 5 star reviews and positive feedback!

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Building your reputation also means stopping those negative reviews being published online and allowing you an opportunity to address the issue with your customers and clients directly.  Through our clever reputation software platform, we act as gatekeepers to any reviews that are below 5 stars.  If a client or customer is unhappy with the product or service your company has provided, whatever the reason, they will leave feedback on the branded feedback page we create for your business.  We are notified of any negative reviews your clients and customers may have left for us to address this directly with you.  Your business can contact the client and/or customer and rectify the issue to change the experience they have encountered to make things right with the client and customer, resulting in the negative review to be changed into a 5 star rating.  

Here at be a Legend, we build a branded customer feedback page with a unique URL that makes it easy for clients and customers to leave feedback, choosing which platform they would like the feedback left on. We work with you to identify the platforms that are the most essential directories to your industry for reviews to be left, to encourage a high star rating that is immediately recognized by consumers and clients.  Not only does this help build your reputation online but by building your reputation in this manner means that you are building value for your business and trust for your potential customers and clients to provide them the confidence they need to buy from you.

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Reputation management, step 2 of our reputation program, involves keeping you, our client up to date with all the latest reviews your customers and clients are leaving on your custom feedback page built in our building reputation stage.  Here, your CRM system is designed, branded and built by us to ensure you are never in the dark and can see reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on how often you would like to be notified.  We run the campaign daily, keeping track of who has clicked on the email or text message sent out with the link, completed the feedback page or who has bounced away from the page. We have a program which informs us of those that started the process but for whatever reason did not compete the process. Perhaps they were distracted and had full intentions of coming back to it later but simply forgot.  Online reputation management means that we can keep track, encouraging customers and clients to leave a review.  

Through managing online reputation for your business, it builds trust, integrity and honesty, filling the client and customer with confidence that they are making the right decision to pick up the phone or sending your business an email to enquire further to do business with you.  It helps your clients and customers understand who you are from other clients and customers and read about their experiences with your business.  97% of consumers aged 18-34 read online reviews to judge a local business with 92% of all consumers rely on online reviews to help them with their judgement when deciding to work with a company (local consumer review survey, 2015).  Even if your company does not appear at the top of search results but was maybe a third to half way down the page, potential customers and clients are more likely to phone your business over your competitors if you have a higher star rating, regardless if you were more expensive or lower down in the rankings on the search page (local consumer review survey, 2015).

Online reputation management has never been more important, ensuring the most up to date and recent reviews are visible and accessible for clients and customers to see across all directories relevant to your industry. Remember, first impressions count and once your business has been referred to a client and/or customer, 52% of them will go online to look at your ratings and reviews (local consumer review survey, 2015).

Utilizing Be a Legend reputation management tools enables you to stay ahead of your competition and ensures that your business is seen in the best possible light, with your 5 star reviews standing out.  This means that your company are on the way to become the industry leaders, generating leads and a boost in sales, ultimately increasing revenue.

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Online reputation marketing is step 3 of Be a Legend reputation management platform.  After spending time building and managing your reputation online, we help to market your 5 star reviews online through video ads. Be a Legend create video ads to highlight the most recent 5 star reviews online to be able to communicate your success across all social media platforms online.  In doing so, this also helps your rankings in google as your video will be uploaded to your YouTube channel, optimized and be ready to share among all of your social media platforms, with the opportunity to run ads to it.. Running Facebook video ads in particular can be extremely powerful with branding your company with a 5 star reputation, instilling confidence in your consumers, customers and clients that you are the right business for them to utilize your services and/or products.

With competition, fierce in almost every industry, it is essential that you stand out ahead of your competition and clearly show what the value is behind your business and why you are different from your competitors. Providing actual evidence of 5 star reviews from your customers and clients demonstrates a public referral and what could be more powerful than a brief video highlighting your most recent 5 star review? Be a Legend reputation marketing services are carried out monthly, providing one online Reputation Management reputation video per month in our basic package for all our clients. Reputation videos are created and designed in-house ensuring ultimate perfection with branding being consistent and the message being communicated clearly and effectively. All videos and music are licensed and ready to use for advertising purposes across all social media sites. We have many examples of client reputation videos, most of which can be found on Be a Legend’s YouTube channel. Click on our example reputation video to the right to watch the highlights of one of our 5 star reviews left by a happy client.

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